Infinity Grimace: All Out Mac Attack

• April 29th, 2018

Massive *SPOILERS* for Marvel's Infinity War. Jason and Steve discuss, with guest Tim.TM 

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Ready Player None - Memberberries: The Movie

• April 24th, 2018

Yes we're alive and still making episodes, but after watching the horrid abomination the is Ready Player One, we sure wish we weren't. All episode Steve and Jason talk about the despiable trash that is Steven Spielberg's shoddy attemp to take a great book, and turn it into the most blatant cash-grab of a feature-length ad RiP has ever seen. We suffered through it, we hope you didn't have to.

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All Filler No Thriller

• March 18th, 2018

Steve and Jason try to find a way to fill time. They Talk about Some "new" stuff but mostly old rants. Clarrisa and Terminator and Reboots oh my. Breakdown of Infinity War trailer (spoilers). Jason sees a tail as old as time and hears a song as old as rhyme. And More. 

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You Don’t Fuck Wih the Goof-troop

• March 4th, 2018

Disney-Gang Lands, Steve's Netflix Pitches, Hanks you for the audio, Ready Player One looks like TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Destroy-it Ralph 2, Steve's a Mead dealer, Thoughts and prayers, and more.

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Celebrety Dreamc@st

• February 4th, 2018

Tim and Eric ride again, we discuss movie trailers new and old, and we cast our would-be remakes. Also its our anniversery. 

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Sponges and Glove love.

• January 21st, 2018 is in town. Some shit happend.  We tasked, stories were shared... a vagina was puked on.... Eric showd up  and no one believes his fantasies (as usual). Stah Wahs and more shit... Enjoy.

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That’s Not How The Force Works.(That’s Not How Any Of This Works)..

• December 24th, 2017

In A suprising turn of events, Roach's seemingly oddly-hot sister is possibly, kinda, sorta, maybe dating Eric who is universaly hated by Jason's Mystery is-she-or-is she-not-real-quisi-girlfriend who maybe or may not be attractive even though he, Jason, is questionably gay or not, and one or more of them may or may not have had an unknown one night stand with Eric. Also Stah Wahs.-

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• November 12th, 2017

Wedge and Roach join us for the begining of the end in this extended episode of RIH. We talk the downfall of Hollywood, Books, Shows, and a blend of other crap. 

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Our Fractured But Wholes Feel Thor

• November 12th, 2017

We Talk about Thor: Ragnorok, The New South Park: Fractured But Whole, and more shit than we can remember. Have fun.

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d-Uglyson Returns

• October 29th, 2017

Our Friend Doug comes back on the show, Hilarity Ensues, and a good time is had by all. You really shouls listen.

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