“Wow, This Sauce is Fucking Amazing”

• October 8th, 2017

The Great Szechuan Fuck-up, Giving Cup-Head,  You're Not Invited, Trailers,  and More.

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Get Ducky, Get Rob Lowe

• October 1st, 2017

The Depths of Johnny Depp, Audio Books, Jason's Broke Ass Cars, SNES Classic Mini (Steve's Not a Piece-o-shit Scalper), The Future Terminator, and more.

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Jason Sounds Tired and Lazy

• September 24th, 2017

F13 Spring Break Pack, Fuck Peta (They Kill Animals), Steve's BIG rant, Tomb Raider Trailer, Zombie Musicals, More Ranting, IT, Jason Has Something I Guess, And More.

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Another One, it’s Boring: Fuck Jason and Other Scalpers

• August 27th, 2017

New Vape, Steve's Moving, Jason's A DouchBag Scalper, DC Elsworld Films, Other Comic  Shit, More Mike Tyson Western, Again Fuck Jason And His Douch Scalping, and More.

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La Cucaracha

• August 13th, 2017

A Mike Tyson Western, Nick Jeff and Gary, Matallica O'Clock, Ree-Po man, Fucking Unions, Rabbit Holing, Bad Rick and Morty Impressions, Michael Moor's Batman Documentary, Biased Google, and More....

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Pre-Con Showdown

• July 16th, 2017

Comic-con talk, Global Whating?, Prime Day, We're on Vacation, Blue shit at Work, Pizza Party, Doctor Who, John Borrowmen, Hitchhickers Guide to religion, and More.

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Supaidāman: Amazing Fantasy

• July 9th, 2017

The 4th, Jason's Dad is a Strong Independant Woman, Netflixvania, Spider-Spoilers, Another-Saw, Jason's Boyfriend Shows Up Drunk.... Again, and More.

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Filter Out and Move On

• July 3rd, 2017

The..., The un-aired episode, E3 convo, Vegas J, How to Smuggle, Fly High, The Wheeles on the Bus, The Hooker and the Crippled, SNES Classic, X-Men for Marvel, FF Reboot Poop, Who watches the HBO Watchmen?, Rick and Morty, Red Son Superman, Jumanji 2, and More.

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It’s Friday Friday

• May 28th, 2017

Friday the 13th The Game, What is Racist?, Chis Rock show, Comic-Com news stuff, Mash-Up music: Wax Audio and dj cummerbund, The Arrow/Flash-verse, Wonder Woman for Women, What is a Trans?, The Ripped in Half party.

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It’s a 4 Day Show

• May 21st, 2017

Movies, Abusing kodi, Jason's Bummer, Letterkenny, Netflix Rating System, Mr Jason is Employee of the Month, Bask in the Glory of the Bacon Wrapped Dick, Car Vending Machine, Urkels Blooming, Prequals, Marvel Shows, The Orville, More Shows, Venom, Arrested Development, Spider-orchistra, Aqua-Wife, and more.

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